established in 2016

Sno Bear gets its name from what used to be a Ski shop in the early 1980's in St Johnsbury, VT. My parents had moved from New York to Vermont to start a life with less chaos for our family. Being the entrepreneur's my parents are, they decided upon the idea of a Ski Shop. Sno Bear was born, and had a successful run for a few years.  My father went onto other businesses and we retired the iconic Sno Bear sign to the basement of our house, where it decorated the walls for the next few decades. When we where deciding upon a name for our vacation rentals Sno Bear seemed the perfect fit, so we resurected the sign and got to work. 

We purchased the property formerly known as High Meadows Condos in December of 2016. We immediately started a full renovation on the property to  modernize the units and to bring all aspects of the property to modern standards and adding a unique Vermont flair. We changed the entire exterior landscaping,  added an outdoor pavilion, constructed a bike & Ski tuning facility & added indoor storage for Bike's, Ski's and other sports equipment.

Myself, my husband Matt and our 4 children are avid skiers, Mountain Bikers, and all around outdoor enthusiasts. We live in Burke, but travel frequently. We know what comforts we expect when we travel, and have gone to great lengths to ensure we provide what we would expect when traveling. 

We look forward to your stay.

Chrissie and Matt